Shevchenko Vladimir
  • Programmer - analyst or project leader
Data on
  • Date of birth 05/21/68
  • Home address: apt.45, Kreysera Avrory str., Kiev, 03191, Ukraine.
  • Phones: 380 44 250-61-52 (home), 380 44 250-92-92 (work).
  • E-Mail: volm(0) WWW:
  • I have certificates from BrainBench (Delphi 6, MS SQL 2000)
  • Now I am engaged in learning JAVA, EJB, CORBA
  • The Kiev State University
    • Faculty: Cybernetics
    • Qualification: Mathematician
Career history



The last 4 places of work:

  • (Present) Senior programmer - analyst [JV "Optima-Farm"]: Installation and support of a trading financial system "Exact Globe for Windows". Expansion of functionality of the main financial system. Creation of a lot of the modules working together with the main financial system, or replacing it functionality.
    • Document circulation at a stage of sale: assembly, shipment, warehouse movement.
    • Document circulation at a stage of purchases: calculation of the optimal order, procedures of customs, pricing, certification and control of quality.
    • Creation of the database of quality certificates on the goods and its replication on 12 branches.
    • Creation of modules for image processing (scanning, transformations, filters etc.)
  • The chief of a IT-department [JV "Parex Capital Ukraine"]: Creation and support of office Intranet-network. Maintenance of corporate document circulation. Problem solving of system support. Perfection of the computer complex of firm and automation of business-processes (work with securities, tenders, reports, analytics of the share market etc.).
  • Programmer - analyst [LLC "Promresources"]: Involvement in the project on creation of a system of expertise of applications for Patent State office (Windows NT 4.0, Delphi + MSSQL).
  • Programmer [JV "INEC"]: Development of a data base and the search engine "Oil and gas fields of Ukraine". The customer is the Committee on oil and gas. Includes:
    • Data base and the interface - (Fox Pro 2.5 for Win)
    • Processing of maps of fields (C ++)
    • Gathering ON-LINE of the information on a mining of raw (C ++)
  • Russian, Ukrainian, English (technical reading/writing)


  • OS: Win9X/ME, Win NT/2000 Server (installation, support, networks).
  • Development environments: Fox Pro, Visual C, Delphi, Access, MSSQL, Interbase.
  • Other: Microsoft Office, telecommunications, Internet, WEB-design.